Hozaifa Sayed

  • Pune インド

Hozaifa Sayed has been teaching music production, audio engineering and topics entailing music technology since 2014. He is sincere in his practice of listening / learning constantly, in keeping up to date with technology and he loves to share this knowledge with budding producers and professionals alike. He has mentored scores of diploma & degree program students and currently runs his independent music mastering service as well a customised online one to one mentorship program for music production and mixing. As an Ableton CT, he is proud to have successfully mentored many budding artists / engineers / producers both in person and online.

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Hozaifa has always found himself intrigued by music and is amazed by all of its nuances on both fronts of music production & audio engineering. Starting early as a DJ to pursue that feeling he repeatedly experienced listening to well crafted sets. Driven by a desire to understand the artform entirely, he nurtured his love for music by means of learning music production and audio engineering workflow through a Diploma in Audio Engineering and has grown in this space ever since as a now successful mastering engineer and passionate educator.

Having played a key role in the full integration of Ableton Live in the diploma & degree education programs, during his full time teaching tenure between 2014-2019 and in establishing India’s first Ableton Certified Training Centre. He has since moved on to working as a consultant with schools and academies for the development of their training curriculum and also in helping deliver the same as an independent professional. Alongside this, he successfully runs his customised one to one online music production & mixing courses and has mentored many musicians, budding artists and mixing engineers worldwide. As a mastering engineer as well, his service entails critical listening and giving in depth feedback to clients on what can potentially be a sonic improvement before taking it forward and through to mastering for distribution and release. Hozaifa also studied audio engineering through short certification courses at S.S.R London, Edinburgh Napier University, and through masterclasses at events like Ableton’s own annual Loop- a music makers summit.

While writing music, he finds himself heavily relying on Ableton’s Push 2 controller to allow him to conform to scale, and being hands on in giving him a creative edge to control his production environment and to write music in an improvised / performative manner.

Hozaifa firmly believes in teaching producers in a way that they can think independently, make informed decisions and get the best out of their experience with music, if any, and tools on hand. He is excellent in his communication of complex topics and specialises in teaching relatable to any level of skill set.

He was humbled, receiving an award for teacher in audio education back in 2017, granted by the IRAA, Indian Recording Arts Awards, at Palm Expo, Mumbai. Until this day, he feels very lucky to have this shared responsibility of teaching, continually learning, critically listening & in staying objective while mastering music.

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