Christian Sánchez (RED)

  • Merida Yucatan メキシコ

Hailing from southern Mexico, where he’s been involved in underground electronic music for over 10 years, Christian “Red” Sánchez has been instrumental in invigorating the music scene of his home region.

トレーナー, オンライン
英語, スペイン語
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Christian “Red” Sánchez founded electronic music platform Red Room, which later evolved into the Red Room Academy, southeast Mexico’s first music production academy. 

A sound designer, musician, mixing and mastering engineer, university educator and music producer, he has taught one-to-one diplomas and workshops at his studio and different cities in Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Germany and Spain. 

From rock bands to electronic music producers, he has shown students, DJs and producers from all over the world and of all ages how to fulfill their music goals through courses, group workshops and online classes and mentorships.

As a multimedia artist, Christian has two main projects: La Forma del Sonido, an interactive sound installation that demonstrates how sound affects matter; and Ciudad Fallo, an interactive auto-generative audiovisual piece.

He has shared the DJ booth with artists such as Andre Lodeman, Blond:ish, MANDY, Audiofly, Sandra Collins, Sharam (Deep Dish), Pig&Dan, Michael Tello (Pillowtalk), N.A.A.F.I. to name a few.

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