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At Arjaus you’ll find a sense of family and community, while constantly developing your skills. You’ll be in a comfortable place where the institution is always by your side, helping you to grow on the musical spectrum that you like​, as a human and as a team member.

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Learn how to create, produce, mix, finish and play your music live, or improve your Ableton Live knowledge by studying ​at Arjaus. Get in​volved with a group of students who share your aspirations and ideas while enjoying a great learning experience​. Our trainers are active members of the music scene, involved in different disciplines and music genres, who share constant feedback and support, helping you to develop confidence in yourself and your music. 

​Arjaus is led by Ableton Certified Trainer, Mariano Trocca​, alongside Matías Sundblad and Ale Kis. Join Arjaus and learn more about our courses here.

“​Carrera de Producción Musical Certificada”

Arjaus’s two-year music production course, titled “Carrera de Producción Musical Certificada'' runs for 10 months of each year. Our first year is centered on learning about audio manipulation, MIDI programming, music theory, composition, mixing, sound synthesis, live performance and finishing your music. In the second year, the philosophy is based on teamwork, and our students learn about finding an artistic identity, understanding the different roles of a production team, recording techniques, advanced mixing skills, mastering concepts, making money with your music and learning how to stand out in a particular music scene. 

“Intro a la Producción Musical​” ​ 

We also offer different courses based on the modules of our certificate course. For example, we offer an initial course called “Intro a la Producción Musical”, which comprises the first four months of the first year of “Carrera de Producción Musical Certificada”. In this course you’ll learn audio editing, composition, the fundamentals of music theory, sampling and basic mixing.

“Producción Musical Avanzada”

This course is based on the third, fourth and fifth modules of “Carrera de Producción Musical”. Here you’ll learn methods of composition, arrangement, mixing and recording techniques, sound design and live performance.

Both our online campus and classroom courses provide many tools to help you keep learning. There are recorded classes on video, texts to read and reinforce your knowledge, exercises to practice, quizzes to answer, and Ableton Live projects to work on and have fun with. Each month you’ll present a project based on what you've learned in the current module, and receive feedback from your classmates and trainers. You’ll receive a certificate at the end of course.

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