Push is upgradeable. If your Push doesn’t have a processor, use the Upgrade Kit to install all the components it needs to work as a standalone instrument.

The upgrade kit including processor, hard drive, battery, heatsink, and tools for fitting them.

What's an Upgrade Kit?

The Upgrade Kit is used to convert your Push 3 without a processor into a standalone instrument. With the standalone components installed, your Push will be exactly the same as a Push bought with a processor.
Upgrade Kits cost USD 1049.00 and will be available in late 2023.

What’s in the box?

The Upgrade Kit contains the Push 3 standalone components: an Intel® 11th Gen Core™ i3-1115G4 processor with 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD hard drive, lithium iron phosphate battery and heatsink. It also includes screws, a screwdriver, a backplate lifter, and a protective mat. 

The Intel® NUC Compute Element combines a processor, RAM memory and WiFi. It’s the first Intel® processor to be adapted for Push.

Standalone music-making

Standalone music-making

Step away from your computer and into a more focused creative headspace. Record the instruments, voices and effects that make up your sound directly into Push, and control external synths. Push is the hub at the center of your laptop-free setup in the studio or onstage.

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Two-way Set transfer

Get creative in Standalone Mode, then use WiFi to send your Set directly to Live on your computer to work in more detail. Stick to native devices when you work in Live and you can transfer your projects back to Push to perform or keep creating in Standalone Mode.

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Need help?

To learn more about the Upgrade Kit and for troubleshooting tips visit the knowledge base.

Can I upgrade my Push 2 to use it as a standalone instrument?

No, it’s not possible to upgrade your Push 2.

Do I need any experience with electronics to upgrade my Push?

No, you don’t need any experience or knowledge to upgrade your Push. The Upgrade Kit has been designed to be simple for anyone to install.

Can I use components that aren’t included in the Upgrade Kit?

No. Using parts that aren’t from Ableton could be hazardous, and will void your warranty. You need to have all four standalone components either installed or removed for your Push to work. Don’t turn your Push on if you only have some of the parts installed, or if the backplate hasn’t been screwed on properly.

Can I buy any of the Push standalone components individually?

No, at the moment only the complete Upgrade Kit is confirmed. In the future it may be possible to buy individual components from Ableton.com, including a battery and more powerful processors.

When will I be able to order an upgrade kit?

Upgrade Kits will be available to buy in late 2023. Subscribe to the Ableton newsletter for updates.

What’s the warranty policy around Push and the Upgrade Kit?

Installing an Upgrade Kit bought from ableton.com doesn’t affect the three-year warranty on your Push. The Upgrade Kit also has its own three-year warranty, which starts when you buy it. This means the Push you originally bought without a processor and the Upgrade Kit components will have different warranty periods. 

The components covered under the Upgrade Kit warranty include the processor, hard drive, battery and heatsink. If you use any parts that weren’t included in your Upgrade Kit this will void the terms of the warranty. 

Ableton’s warranty doesn’t cover any damage resulting from improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, or any alteration or modification outside the steps detailed in the Upgrade Kit instructions (coming soon).