Trademark list


AbletonĀ®, Music software and hardware company.

Ableton LogoĀ®, The Ableton brand logo.

Ableton Live Set Exportā„¢, an SDK for 3rd party developers enabling them to save projects from their products in Ableton Live Set format.

Ableton User Groupā„¢,Ā Ableton User Groups are a place for new and experienced Live users to meet up and exchange technical knowledge and inspiration.

Ampā„¢, Ableton Liveā€™s classic guitar amplifier emulation.

Analogā„¢, Ableton Liveā€™s analog synthesizer emulation.


Collisionā„¢,Ā Ableton Liveā€™s physical modelling instrument.


Drum Rackā„¢, Ableton Liveā€™s flexible, grid-style software instrument.


Electricā„¢,Ā Ableton Liveā€™s classic electric piano instrument.


Granulatorā„¢,Ā Ableton Liveā€™s granular delay effect.


Impulseā„¢, Ableton Liveā€™s drum sampler with complex modulation possibilities.


Linkā„¢,Abletonā€™s wireless synchronization technology.

Liveā„¢,Ā Digital Audio Workstation / Music-making software.

Live Introā„¢, The intro edition of Ableton Live (with introductory features, instruments, Live Packs and effects).

Live Liteā„¢,Ā The OEM limited version of Live, which is bundled with selected 3rd party products and distributed via some iOS apps.Ā 

Live Packā„¢, Additional instruments, effects and sounds for Live.

Live Standardā„¢,The intermediate edition of Ableton Live (with additional features, instruments, Live Packs and effects).

Live Suiteā„¢, The full edition of Ableton Live (with all of Liveā€™s features, instruments , Live Packs and effects).


Max for Liveā„¢, A toolkit for building instruments, effects and customizations to Live itself.

M4L ā€“ Devicesā„¢, Live instruments, effects and customizations built in Max for Live.


Operatorā„¢, Liveā€™s FM and subtractive synthesiser.


PushĀ®,Ā Integrated Ableton Live instrument.


Samplerā„¢, Ableton Liveā€™s sampling instrument.


Tensionā„¢, Ableton Liveā€™s physical modeling string synthesizer.