Mark Towers

  • Leicester United Kingdom

Mark Towers is a UK-based electronic musician, developer and educator. As well as designing courses and lecturing in Music Technology, Mark also specializes in programming and works as a developer for Isotonik Studios, where he creates unique Max for Live devices for composition, production and performance.

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Mark is a lecturer in music technology at Leicester College in the UK and teaches a range of levels, from intro courses through to degree level study. Mark has used Live since version 4 and is passionate about exploring experimental techniques for composition and sound design with it in his classes, often delving into the more advanced areas of synthesis and sampling. 

Mark specializes in programming as well as teaching Max and Max for Live for beginners and beyond. He also works as a developer for Isotonik Studios, where he creates unique devices to be used in composition, production and performance. Mark often works on interactive installation projects involving Ableton, Max and prototype electronics, and works with organizations and artists to develop their own installation work.

Mark offers one-on-one Zoom classes on Max for Live for beginner and advanced levels, as well as sound design and beginner classes in Ableton Live. Further details of these classes can be found here.

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