Joseph "Pailo" Haley

  • Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States

Joseph “ Pailo” has been teaching Ableton Live for the last 10 years both publicly and privately across the United States. He is now on the east coast in Pittsburgh PA looking to help students with Ableton Live, modular synthesis, and music mentoring.

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Previously in Portland OR, Joseph worked at 4msCompanywhich specializes in Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Modules. There he was building prototypes, testing code, maintaining quality, and testing all of the products in their modular synth line. Joseph also worked for, a specialized music shop helping customers maintain modular synths, setup studios, and assist musicians with general music knowledge and sales.

In Austin TX, Pailo worked for 4msCompany, Switched On Music Electronics, Dub Academy, and Guitar Center where he specialized in Ableton classes, workshops, mentoring, and maintaining a large number of students on top of building pedals, kits, and modules. Some of the classes and clinics included topics ranging from mixing, beat making, recording live instruments, MIDI implementation with hardware, controllers, Ableton with Modular, and mastering.

Joseph’s recent synth endeavors include mastering the Buchla 200e and 200 systems, teaching eurorack workflow, becoming an expert in Synthesizers.Com MU format, building kits of all formats, and helping Empress with the Zoia preset patches. 

Please contact Joseph if you are in need of assistance in the Pittsburgh PA area with Ableton, modular synthesizer (including Eurorack, Buchla, and Mu formats), guitar (pedalboard construction, theory, songwriting), drums, or recording.

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