Emiliano Pilloni

  • Torino Italy

Emiliano Pilloni has been passionate about music since he was a child. As he grew up, he became fond of electronic music and interested in its applied technologies. At the age of sixteen, he bought his first groovebox and soon found himself surrounded by samplers, synths, and drum machines.

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Emiliano has been a Live user since version 1. With his purchase of Live 4, he began selling the rest of his gear and focusing his sets on the use of Ableton Live. In 2004, while performing in several Italian clubs, Emiliano took his degree in sound engineering at SAE Institute in Milan before beginning his career as a sound engineer and making several albums. In 2007, he set up his own experimental label, Untravelled Ground, together with his friend musician/producer Synthe.Labo. Then Emiliano Pilloni, aka PiLLoPLeX, made his first techno-electro album.

Since 2008, Emiliano has worked as resident sound engineer for MusicLab in Turin, where he teaches sound engineering and holds qualifying courses on samplers, synths and sequencer software. He teaches Ableton Live to individuals and groups. Emiliano's expertise ranges from DJing to advanced music production, and today he can count many DJs and esteemed Italian producers among his students.

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