Konkrete Breaks

by Soniccouture

Konkrete Breaks is a collection of complex and exciting MIDI drum loops paired with a selection of sounds from Soniccouture’s acclaimed Konkrete Drums series.

You need Live 9 Standard or above.

Konkrete Breaks comes with 100 MIDI Clips, created by cutting-edge IDM/EDM/breaks producers EXM, Russian Corvette, EVAC, Blixaboy, Rootsix, Blatnova, and Andy Wheddon. These clips demonstrate the potential of the included sounds. Because the included Clips are MIDI rather than audio loops, they are easy to edit and reorder, and can be played back with any set of drum sounds.

Konkrete Breaks also comes with five Live Sets from the featured artists, which demonstrate the breaks in a larger context. If you’re looking to tweak things up live or in the studio, the included Glitch Machine 2 MIDI Effect Rack is the perfect tool for cuts, repeats, and other glitches to your MIDI sequence.

Konkrete Breaks was developed in collaboration with Soniccouture.

You need Live 9 Standard or above.