Max for Live

Max for Live Pluggo for Live

by Cycling '74

Pluggo for Live is a free collection of audio devices and instruments derived from Cycling '74's Pluggo plug-in collection. This array of full-fledged Max for Live devices provides hours of signal-mangling fun as well as interesting examples of various approaches to plug-in design.

Included with Live 11 Suite.

Pluggo for Live includes a total of 40 audio effects and seven instruments comprising an entire alternate universe of audio in themselves. This assortment of animated filters, audio buffers, panners, delays, spatializers, scopes, modulators and more is truly a goldmine for the adventurous producer and can be used to radically (or subtly) transform any audio material. 

As with any other Max for Live device, each Pluggo for Live device can be used as a template for further device development. Pressing the edit button on any of the Pluggos opens up the Max editor, letting you see how the device functions under the hood and letting you redesign it - all while the music plays on.

Please note: Pluggo for Live is free to download but requires Max for Live.

Included with Live 11 Suite.