ZenPad - Mantra

by EarthMoments

ZenPad - Mantra is a diverse selection of sounds designed for new age, yoga, meditation and electronic music productions. This Pack is also available as part of a discounted bundle with the Bollywood and Oriental Packs.

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Original price USD 79now USD 63

This earthy array of instruments includes African drum patterns and Indian percussion, bells and gongs, flutes, bapang, harps, FX, chanting male and female vocals, didgeridoo, gentle electronics loops, pads and ambience sounds.

ZenPad - Mantra features:

  • Over 350 clips, loops and samples
  • All clips are sorted by key and tempo
  • Clips can be used at any tempo
  • Includes acoustic live sounds and authentic recordings

This versatile collection of acoustic and electronic sounds is compiled into high quality Ableton Live Clips to provide a unique and engaging experience. With cohesive construction kits, you'll be up and running with the ZenPad Ableton Live Packs in no time. Whether you are a producer, filmmaker, musician or sound designer, the ZenPad collection will inspire your creativity.

And if you’re looking to expand your sound palette with even more instruments from across the globe, you can now pick up the ZenPad Oriental and Bollywood Packs alongside the Mantra collection for the cost of only two Packs.

Original price USD 79now USD 63