Thermionic Solid State Drums

by Goldbaby

A collection of over 5,000 analog drum sounds sampled from a broad range of hardware. Encompassing vintage Roland machines, contemporary drum synths, DIY circuit board kits and more, this Pack brings the warm tones of analog drums straight to your studio.

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The array of machines Goldbaby used for this Pack would excite any analog gear enthusiast. Recording everything through the legendary Neve 1073 mic preamp, fed through a Fat Bustard II valve mixer, Goldbaby provide maximum audio quality for this Packā€™s selection of distinctive sounds. Among many others, this includes the characteristic clicking claves, popping toms, and bright cymbal timbres of the Roland CR-8000 and the hissy, overdriven vacuum tubes of the Metasonix D-1000. Also on board: the Andromeda Space Rockers ā€“ unassumingly small, hand-built PCBs that bring surprisingly fat kicks and crunchy snares to the mix.

In addition to the drum and percussion sounds, synths such as the DSI Prophet 12 and the Vermona PERfourMER were used and abused to create a variety of crackles, robotic voices, pulsating drones, sirens, clicks and other special effects. Use these, along with the included layering tools, to beef up kicks, add sizzle to snares and bring playful accents to your beats.

Many of the drum hits have multiple velocity layers, adding an expressive playability to the 35 drum kits included. Most of the kicks and congas are tuned, so you can easily swap them out. In addition, a large number of samples in this Pack are not used in the preset drum kits, giving you plenty of extra sounds to customize the existing preset kits, or create your own.

Drum Machines Used:

Roland CR-8000 CompuRhythm (Modded)
Dave Smith Instruments Tempest
Vermona DRM1 MKIII
Jomox M.Brane11
Korg Volca Beats
Mrs.BassDrum by Mr.AcidMachine
Andromeda Space Rockers
Simmons Digital ClapTrap
Delptronics Thunderclap
Synthrotek Space Drum Synth
Metasonix D-1000

Synths Used:

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12
Vermona PERfourMER
Analogue Solutions Leipzig-S
Elektron Analog Four
Korg MS-20
Roland SH-101

Save 20%

Original price USDĀ 49now USDĀ 39