Leo Casagrande Studio

  • São Paulo ブラジル

Located in the city of São Paulo, the Studio Leo Casagrande is intended to provide the student all the infrastructure needed to become a qualified professional.

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Studio Leo Casagrande is located in São Paulo, Brazil. It offers a different and efficient teaching method for beginners, experienced DJs and producers. Studio Leo Casagrande belongs to a select group of Ableton Live Certified Training Centres, making it one of the most complete courses available in Latin America. It is recognized as one of the best Ableton Live and DJ schools in Brazil.


With air-conditioned studios and modern equipment, the school offers a different teaching method for beginners and experienced Dj's and producers.
The Studio Leo Casagrande is a Pioneer DJ partner, the leading brand and worldwide standard in equipment for DJs. We offer the most competitive courses of training and development for Dj's in São Paulo

Call for more info: + 55 11 3991-9999


The Ableton Live 9 Online Course is designed for beginners and intermediates alike. The basics, as well as advanced production techniques, are shown in 40 videos lessons, available in HD, using simple language to explain the process of creating music in Ableton Live, step by step.

Topics include:

  • The basics of computer, audio and MIDI hardware
  • First steps in Live: Basic set-up and configuration
  • Structure of Electronic Music
  • How to Warp Acapellas
  • MIDI Fundamentals
  • Samples: creating your own and finding sources
  • Beats and drums
  • Music theory applied to Ableton Live
  • Automation
  • Filters and EQ
  • Envelopes, amplification, pitch and filters
  • Side chaining
  • Audio effects: Delay and Reverb
  • Musical Arrangement

Learn more at leocasagrande.com.br

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