Voice Box

by Ableton

Voice Box invites you to get inventive with vocals. This Pack features a comprehensive collection of contemporary vocal samples from multiple voices, a set of playable vocal instruments, and Effect Racks designed for vocal processing.

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The human voice is the original musical instrument, and through sampling and audio processing we can use it in even more creative ways ā€“ from chopped and repitched hooks to inhuman arpeggios and experimental glitches and jitters. Voice Box contains both the vocals and the means to transform them.

Distinct deliveries

Vocalists Ave Grave, Fiona McMartin, Issara, Lil Miss Beats, N Kramer, Philipp Lange and Veronica Maximova have been multisampled to create a selection of dynamic vocal instruments ā€“ both naturally and creatively treated. Work with male and female solo voices, as well as different groupings of vocalists. Plus, find instruments containing moving phrases which can be intuitively transposed, switched from major to minor, and sung on different vowels.

Find the right vocal delivery for your work with samples of diverse singing styles ā€“ steady notes and voices undulating with vibrato, breathy performances and takes sung with gusto, plus both chest voice and falsetto deliveries. Not just limited to sung vocals, Voice Box also contains samples of beatboxing and other percussive vocalizations to incorporate into your beats.

Design your vocal sound

Get the vocal sound you hear in your mindā€™s ear with a practical pick of Effect Racks designed specifically for treating voices. Process male and female solo vox, infuse your takes with a warm and saturated sound, thicken harmonies and glue them together, and make sure your vocals come through the mix crisp and clear.

Pack contents

  • 82 vocal Instrument Racks
  • 9 vocal percussion Drum Racks
  • 47 audio Effect Racks
  • 113 MIDI clips
  • 4 demo sets
  • 1100 vocal samples

Curated Collections

This Pack is part of a series inspired by our favorite music and created by Ableton in collaboration with leading sound designers.

Included with Push 3
Save 20%

Original price USDĀ 59now USDĀ 47