所有来自讲普通话国家最优秀的Ableton Live专家将被我们邀请来申请此活动。最终前五名会加入为期两天的Ableton师资考核。成功通过考核的申请者将获得官方认证导师资格证明。




  1. 首次申请
    发邮件递交你的资料到。以"Application - Beijing - 2019"为邮件主题。



    - 动机信(至多一页)

    - 职业简历(至多一页)

    - 拟写一个Live和Push的课程编排样本(只需大纲,不要求细节,至多两页)

    - 一个你的Live或Push教学视频链接。可以是你的公众课视频也可以是电脑录制视频。视频对于我们来说很关键的一点是能看到和听到你的教课状态(至多20分钟)。视频请用英语或中文完成。

    - 请完整填写interest form 并提交
  2. 第一轮成功录取的申请者会收到我们的通知,并将与Ableton认证团队进行第二轮电话面试。


  3. 参加并通过两天的Ableton师资认证活动。我们将全面考量申请者的教学能力和整体产品知识水平。

By sending your application, you agree to the conditions of application to the Ableton Certification Program laid out herein.

Admission Requirements
People applying to participating in the Ableton Certified Trainer Program any Applicant must comply with the following:

  • Minimum age: Twenty One (21) years.
  • At least three (3) years of Ableton Live product usage. Professional training at a pro audio school or university/conservatory (music technology dep) is a plus but not necessary
  • A minimum of one (1) year’s experience in delivering instructor-led courses.
  • Ownership and knowledge of the most current version of Ableton Live.

Process of Application
It will take the Applicant three rounds to apply for becoming an Ableton Certified Trainer:

First Round: Initial Application
At first the Applicant needs to submit an application for a specified Certification event as further described below.

Second Round: Phone Interview
Upon successfully passing the First Round the Applicant will be invited for an interview carried on the telephone.

Third Round: Certification Event
Upon successfully passing the Second Round the Applicant will be invited for a Certification Event carried out by Ableton or its partners.

Costs of Application
No payments will have to be made to Ableton by Applicants taking part in the First and Second Round. If the Applicant is then invited to the Certification Event, the Applicant understands all fees due must be paid prior to attending the Event.

Payment of Third Round Fee and Conditions of Refund
Ableton will specify the actual fee for the Third Round and the payment details to the Applicants selected for taking part in the respective Certification Event. All fees due towards attending a Certification Event must be paid in full 14 days before the start of Certification Event.
Any refunds, partial or otherwise, will only be negotiated in situations of personal illness or incapacity resulting in the applicant being unable to attend the event. Ableton needs to be informed beforehand and might request proof for the reason given. Refund will not be considered in case of the participants not successfully passing the Certification event to the satisfaction of the host staff or Ableton.

Acceptance and Refusal of Applicants
Ableton reserves the right to accept and refuse applicants through any stage of the program at its reasonable discretion. This decision may be made in text from up to 14 days after the completion of a Certification Event.
Some examples of reason that applicants may be rejected may include:

  • Unsatisfactory performance at Certification Event    
  • The applicant, at any stage in the application process,  is not deemed appropriate for the Certification Program by Ableton
  • Unresolvable dispute over fee payments due

Ableton Certified Trainer Agreement
Once the Applicant passes through to being invited to the Third Round he/she will get sent a copy of the Ableton Certified Trainer Agreement  (“Agreement”) to read through the conditions applicable to Ableton Certified Trainers, along with the payments due notice and further information on the actual Certification Event. Upon successful completing the Certification weekend and being accepted by Ableton the Applicant will have to sign the Agreement. The Agreement is valid until the 31 December of the same year it has been signed by Ableton and the Applicant. Not signing the contract will result in an unsuccessful application for Certification and all fees paid will be forfeited.

Confidentiality and Data Protection
All information submitted by the Applicant during the process of application is treated with utmost confidentiality. Ableton will only share the submitted data of Applicants selected to take part in a Certification Event with Ableton's distribution or event partners carrying out the Certification Event to the extent necessary for carrying the respective. Such data includes inter alia the details necessary to contact the Applicant, the application documentation andthe video links. Each Applicant has the right to be informed at any time and without cost about the personal data recorded about him/her, as well as a right to the correction, blocking, and/or deletion of the data, as applicable.
If you have any questions regarding the collection, processing, or use of your personal data, in case of requests for information, correction, blocking, and/or deletion of the data, as well for the revocation of consent please contact:
Ableton AG, Schönhauser Allee 6-7, D-10119 Berlin,

The Ableton Certified Trainer Program is governed by the laws of Germany, with the exception of the CISG, even if the Participant has his/her residential seat abroad.